Britain: 377 new deaths recorded – Warnings of a new “wave” Covid-19


The World Vaccination Summit will be hosted by Britain tomorrow, with the participation of international leaders, personalities and institutions, and aims to raise money for vaccinating children in countries with inadequate health systems, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a statement to the government today. the pandemic of the corona.

According to the AMPE correspondent, the British Prime Minister said that there should be international action to reduce the effects of Covid-19, as there are insufficient health systems in many developing countries, and at the same time it is possible that there will be new waves of infection in the future. to return to Britain.

The Prime Minister referred to the steps to be taken in the coming days to tackle the resurgence of the pandemic, individually or locally, through the examination and tracking system and stressed that there is an oversupply of diagnostic tests, urging citizens to use it and work with the NHS. requested through the tracking system to be isolated.

Regarding the possibility of the British people taking a vacation this year, Boris Johnson stated that he does not recommend such a thing to the citizens and that there is a clear travel directive from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to avoid unnecessary travel. However, he confirmed that bilateral talks were being held with other European countries on the possibility of air bridges, but did not elaborate.

The prime minister was asked about the message he would convey to the US president about the death of George Floyd, but also about the demonstration that took place in London. He said he was shocked by the news and said that his message to Donald Trump was that racist violence had no place in society.

Possible new wave of pandemic in Britain – 359 new deaths

The new deaths recorded in the last 24 hours are 359 and their total number reaches 39,728, according to the Ministry of Health. 1,871 positive tests were diagnosed yesterday. The government’s chief scientific adviser, Patrick Valance, reiterated during the briefing that the actual number of new cases of coronary heart disease is estimated at around 8,000 a day (as the ministry’s daily number is only for those who took the test and tested positive). He pointed out that the numbers are falling slowly, which leaves no room for much flexibility. He also drew attention to a possible new wave of pandemics in Britain, as there are examples in the international community of new outbreaks of the virus after the lifting of restrictions on countries.

Asked about the exact timing of the quarantine’s arrival at international arrivals, Valance said the commission did not recommend the timing of its implementation, as it was a political issue for the government, but reiterated that the committee recommended that quarantine measures have the best effect when the incidence of the virus is low in the UK and high in other countries.

Schools open in Wales at the end of the month

Schools in Wales will open on June 29 with a one-week extension in the summer quarter, the decentralized administration said.

The reopening will be gradual and with a smaller number of students per class, so that the total number of students in each school does not exceed one third every day, while classroom classes will continue to be supported by distance learning, even by new school year, September. The colleges will open on June 15.


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