Rotterdam politicians believe that the city should focus on construction projects and retraining in the corona crisis


These are the main proposals from the political groups in the Rotterdam city council and area committees to minimize the consequences of the crisis.

Consequences of the corona crisis

Due to the corona outbreak and the lockdown that followed, society suddenly came to a complete standstill. The economic consequences can be significant. Businesses, which are in heavy weather, employees who lose their jobs and municipalities that have much less income, but large expenditures.

How long the crisis will last and how big the consequences will be is still unclear. The Rotterdam city council is already thinking about measures to ensure that the city emerges from the crisis more strongly.

Alderman Barbara Kathmann of economics has asked Diederik van Dommelen of accountant and consultancy firm PWC to also get ideas from local politics. On Tuesday, Van Dommelen presented his conclusions to the city council.

What has to happen?

All parties from left to right have their preferences for measures. However, three proposals are mentioned the most. In the first place, intensifying and highlighting important investments, for example in construction projects, outdoor space and green areas or the construction of fiber optic networks.

Diederik van Dommelen: “On the one hand to create jobs, on the other hand because we just need these kinds of things. You have to accelerate and highlight this type of investment.”

Another frequently mentioned solution to strengthen the city after the crisis is to encourage retraining of people who lose their jobs.

The role of the municipality itself is also considered. All politicians believe that the city government should be open to ideas from the inhabitants.

The proposals are there now. The city council does not want to respond to it yet. Everything must first be examined in detail. Mid-June there will be a response from the city council. At the end of June, the city council will discuss the matter.


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