In Poland, the number of infected with coronavirus exceeded 24.8 thousand


The number of coronavirus infections in Poland has risen to 24,826, of whom 1,117 have died and 12,227 have recovered.

This was reported in Twitter Polish Ministry of Health.

“The number of people infected with the coronavirus is 24,826, and 1,117 have died,” the statement said.

Over the past 24hrs, 281 new cases of infection have been detected in Poland, and 15 patients have died.

According to the Ministry of Health, there are currently 2,101 patients with coronavirus in Polish hospitals, 79,341 in quarantine, and 18,721 under epidemiological surveillance. 12,227 people recovered.

At present, more than 967 thousand tests for coronavirus have been conducted in Poland, on average about 20 thousand of them are performed per day.

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The fourth stage of quarantine easing has been introduced in Poland since May 30. In particular, the obligation to wear a mask on the streets and the limit on the number of shoppers in stores have been abolished. Domestic flights have been resumed since June 1, but the number of passengers on planes should not exceed 50%.

On June 6, mass gatherings with the participation of up to 150 people will be allowed in Poland, cultural institutions (philharmonics, theaters, cinemas) and sports facilities (swimming pools, fitness clubs) will be opened in a limited mode.

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