At 387,280 people died worldwide


The new pandemic pandemic has killed at least 387,280 people worldwide following the outbreak of the virus in China in December, according to a report compiled by the French Agency based on official sources today at 22.00 Greek time.

More than 6,563,710 people have been diagnosed with coronary heart disease in 196 countries and territories since the outbreak began, with at least 2,838,800 being treated.

This number of diagnosed cases reflects only a fraction of the actual number of infections. Some countries only perform diagnostic tests in severe cases, others use testing as a priority for tracking, and a number of poor countries have limited detection capabilities.

From the counting that took place yesterday at 22.00 Greek time, 5,227 new deaths and 121,055 new cases were recorded in the world. The countries with the most new deaths were Brazil with 1,349, Mexico (1,092) and the United States (989).

The United States, which recorded its first coronary death in early February, is the worst-hit country in both death toll and death toll, with 107,685 deaths in 1,861,966 cases. At least 479,258 people have been treated.

After the United States, the worst-hit countries are Britain with 39,904 deaths (281,661 deaths), Italy with 33,6899 deaths (234,013 deaths), Brazil with 32,548 deaths (584,016 cases), and France with 29,065 deaths (189,41).

Among the hardest hit countries is Belgium, which mourns the most casualties compared to its population, with 82 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by Britain (59), Spain (58), Italy (56) and Sweden (45).

China (excluding Hong Kong and Macao) where the outbreak broke out in late December, officially records a total of 83,022 cases (1 new), of which 4,634 deaths (none more). At the same time, 78,319 patients were treated.

Europe had a total of 181,542 deaths (2,219,958 cases), the United States and Canada 115,340 deaths (1,955,666 cases), Latin America and the Caribbean 57,788 deaths (1,151,155 deaths), and 17,817 deaths (618,625 cases), the Middle East 10,029 deaths (445,075 cases), Africa 4,633 deaths (164,615 cases) and Oceania 131 deaths (8,621 cases).

This report was compiled from data collected by the agencies of the French Agency by the competent national authorities and information from the World Health Organization. Due to the corrections made by the authorities or the delayed data publications, the 24-hour increase numbers may not correspond exactly to those published earlier.


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