Italy: Significant increase in cases and small reduction in coronary heart disease deaths


The vast majority of new cases were recorded in Lombardy

The total number of coronary events in Italy is 234,531. The death toll reached 33,774. At the same time, 163,781 people have been cured.

Yesterday, the total number of cases of coronary heart disease was 234,013 and 33,689 people lost their lives while 161,895 were treated.

In the last twenty-four hours, that is, 85 people lost their lives and 518 new cases were recorded. 1,886 patients became negative for the virus.

Meanwhile, 316 patients are in intensive care units and a total of 5,301 have been admitted to hospital. The house restriction has been decided for 33,774.

Compared to yesterday, the cases show a significant increase: 341 more people fell ill. Three fewer patients died and 929 were treated.

The Italian media emphasize that the increase in new cases affects the general climate of optimism of the last few days. Of the 518 new cases in the last twenty-four hours, 402 were recorded in Lombardy.

It is considered possible to intensify controls, especially in the northern regions of the country, in order to determine whether all the security rules set by the government of Giuseppe Conte, in cooperation with the twenty-one regions of the country, are observed.



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