Coronavirus: Six new deaths, 96 more corona patients on IC


The main points of the moment:

  • Since Friday, six people have died from the coronavirus (total: 6011)
  • There are still 97 corona patients in intensive care.
  • The corona crisis costs the municipality of The Hague between 81 and 131 million euros.

Want to read back what was in the news about the corona virus on Friday? You read that here.

96 more corona patients on IC

The number of corona patients who stay in an intensive care unit is now 96. That is one patient less than Friday. There are currently 549 people on the IC for other reasons, six more than a day earlier. This is reported by the National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution (LCPS).

“Three weeks after the measures were relaxed, the influx of new Covid patients to IC remains less than five a day, which is a favorable sign,” said chairman Ernst Kuipers of the Landelijk Netwerk Acute Zorg on Saturday.

RIVM website Infection radar temporarily offline after data breach

A data leak occurred at the Infection Radar website, with which RIVM collects information about health complaints that may indicate corona. As a result, personal data could be viewed, a spokesperson confirms after reports from the NOS. The database is currently offline and the leak is reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority, the spokesperson said.

Since the introduction, March 17, people have been able to report via Infection Radar whether they have complaints such as fever, sneezing or coughing. About 60,000 people are now participating. They complete a questionnaire every week. RIVM thus monitors the spread of the virus.

The questionnaires are cleared every day. But anyone who immediately noticed the leak could have seen data every day since then. Whether that happened is not yet known.

Six new deaths, three hospitalizations

In the past 24 hours, six people have died from the effects of the coronavirus. The total is now 6,011 dead. Three people have been hospitalized. RIVM reports this on Saturday afternoon.

The actual number of deaths is higher because not everyone is tested. In addition, deaths are sometimes only reported after a while. 183 new individuals have been reported to have tested positive for Covid-19, bringing the total to 47,335.

Demonstration against the lockdown on the Malieveld

The Malieveld is currently demonstrating against the corona measures of the government. On a big screen it says: #stopdelockdown. The protesters reclaim the ‘old normal’. Despite being against it, they adhere to the one and a half meter measure, the police say to Omroep West. For the time being it is not too bad, there are between 75 and 100 protesters.

Last Saturday, action was also taken against the measures, but then things got out of hand at some point. The police intervened and arrested 37 protesters.

‘Half of young people feel sidelined in the corona crisis’

Half (52 percent) of young people aged 16 to 24 feel that their generation is insufficiently listened to in dealing with the corona crisis. Four in ten (38 percent) young people between the ages of 25 and 34 also do not feel heard. This is reported in the news section Eenvandaag, based on research among more than 2300 people aged 16 to 35.

Older generations are currently making the decisions, while they will soon bear the burden of the corona crisis, these young people argue, who also think that they are having a harder time than previous generations.

One of the young people questioned puts it this way: ‘The consequences of the corona measures are in addition to the problems that our generation is already dealing with: high student debts, unwanted flex contracts and an impossible housing market. That is not a good starting position when the economic blow comes soon. ‘

Mink clearance started at company in Deurne

In Saturday morning, the clearing of the first mink farm started in Deurne. An NVWA spokesperson announced this. It concerns about 1500 bitches with puppies. The breeding farms are culled because of the coronavirus.

Animal rights organizations Animal Rights and Bont voor Dieren tried to prevent the clearance on Friday by means of an urgent case, but the preliminary relief judge of the Board of Appeal for Business (CBb) rejected that request.

The company in Deurne will be the only mink company cleared on Saturday. Nine other farms will follow later this week. According to the NVWA, this was chosen because there is still little experience in clearing. The animals are cleared by their own staff and will probably take all day. The minks are gasified with carbon monoxide and then removed. The company will be cleaned and disinfected on Sunday.

“Mouth masks first, now mainly online fraud with fitness articles”

The police see a sharp increase in online fraud with fitness articles and electronics. Where previously scammers were active in offering mouth masks and handles during the corona crisis, it is now dumbbells, treadmills, trampolines or electronics that they put on the internet for sale. This is the opinion of team leader Gijs van der Linden of the National Reporting Point Internet Fraud (LMIO) of the police in the AD.

According to Van der Linden, the scammers are not only active on Marktplaats, but also set up entire webshops. Since April, nearly eight hundred reports have been received from people who have been defrauded by such articles via fake webshops. “There is an explosive increase in this type of fraud,” says Van der Linden. Since not everyone files a report, many more people may have been victims.

“Last year we received about 7000 reports of scams via web shops,” Van der Linden told the newspaper. “3200 of these turned out to be premature: those declarations were withdrawn, for example because the product was still being sent.”

Mobile test unit in Leidschendam and Naaldwijk from Monday

From Monday 8 June, all people with corona complaints can report to a mobile test unit in Naaldwijk and Leidschendam. On working days, the mobile unit is in front of the municipal office in Naaldwijk in the morning hours. In the afternoon the unit can be found at the HMC Antoniushove in Leidschendam.

The test unit can be reached by bicycle, on foot or by car. It is an extra test location next to the large test location at the Van der Valk hotel in Nootdorp.


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