Japanese infectious disease specialist estimated the scale of the second wave of COVID-19


Well-known Japanese infectious diseases doctor Akihiro Sato predicted a second wave of coronavirus infection. In his opinion, the redistribution of COVID-19 is inevitable, and there can be much more cases of disease than in the first half of 2020.

Akihiro Sato believes that there are very few positive tests for antibodies to coronavirus. This means that 99% of the world’s population has not yet been ill with them.

“When 60% have antibodies, then a new wave of infections will not be scary and will not spread, but this is still very far away,” the specialist says.

The most vulnerable spot in this case is the healthcare system, which may simply not be able to withstand the huge wave of patients who need hospitalization.

“If a sharp increase in infections occurs, then victims are inevitable. <...> Until there is a vaccine, there is a chance that the epidemic will constantly recur, ”said Akihiro Sato.

Thus, before the advent of an effective vaccine, humanity will have to again and again face the waves of COVID-19 distribution, alternating periods of self-isolation and return to normal life, the doctor’s words convey. RIA News.

Earlier it became known that the new drug from COVID-19 Avifavir will be given free to Russians for the treatment of an infectious disease.


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