Ministry of Health registered Levilimab drug for treatment of severe form COVID-19 – Society


MOSCOW, June 6. / TASS /. According to the accelerated procedure, the Ministry of Health issued a registration certificate for the drug “Levilimab” (trade name “Ilsira”) for the treatment of patients with a disease caused by a new coronavirus infection, the press service of the ministry said on Saturday.

“The drug is indicated for patients with a severe course of the disease, when the so-called cytokine storm develops – an excessive inflammatory reaction of the body to the introduction of the virus, which leads to damage to tissues and organs, in particular, lung tissue, to a severe course of infection with a possible fatal outcome. Prevention of the development of cytokine storms are critical in the treatment of COVID-19, “the report said.

The ministry noted that Levilimab was registered under the accelerated procedure provided for by a government decree regulating the specifics of the circulation of drugs in the face of the threat of emergencies and liquidation.

Initially, Levilimab was intended to treat rheumatoid arthritis.


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