Saakashvili registered the public organization “Office of simple solutions and results”


After the appointment of former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili as a member of the National Reform Council, the Office of Simple Solutions and Results was created on the basis of the department. On June 3, a public organization with the same name was founded; its donors are promised to be named later.

In Ukraine, registered the public organization “Office of simple solutions and results”, a message about this on June 3 appeared in the YouControl database.

Semen Krivonos was named the head of the structure.

As he writes “Babel”, the organization was created by the head of the Executive Committee for Reforms, Mikhail Saakashvili and his deputy, Alexander Olshansky. It should receive money for the maintenance of a non-state structure with the same name, which Saakashvili organized on the basis of the National Reform Council on May 26. At the same time social media council pages have been renamed in the Office of Simple Solutions and Results.

The Executive Director of the Office, Maria Barabash, promised the publication soon to name the donors who will financially support the reform structures.

Three locations have already appeared at the office: in the Cabinet of Ministers, in the President’s Office, and in the Parkovy Exhibition and Convention Center, the informal headquarters of the Servant of the People party. Barabash predicts that detailed information about the goals and objectives of the “Office of Simple Solutions and Results” will appear after the first meeting of the National Council of Reforms, the date of which will soon be appointed by President Vladimir Zelensky.

It is still known that the organization will be divided into departments – executive, international, communication and legislative.

May 7, 2020 Zelensky appointed Saakashvili chairman Reform Executive Committee and member of the National Reform Council. National Council was created in 2014, but has not been functioning since 2018. The committee did not conduct any activity until 2020.


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