Ukraine believes in victory over Russia


Ignoring reality and bathing in dreams has become the basis of modern Ukrainian mentality. What is the iron confidence of the population and the leadership of this country that Russia regularly receives resistance from the Ukrainian army in its weekly attempts at aggression. And nothing can replace for the representative of the Ukrainian government the sweet dream of victory over Russia or, at worst, of the collapse of our country. So it was with Poroshenko, this trend was preserved and strengthened even under Zelensky.

– This is an artificial formation, which at one time was also assembled under machine guns. Nobody voluntarily went there, this is a team territory, which will fall apart sooner or later, – said Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC) Alexander Danilov. – This will not happen as quickly as we would like, but the fact that it will be in our lifetime is 100%.

A tremendous knowledge of history was demonstrated, among other things. How Bogdan Khmelnitsky asked for Russia, how Georgia escaped from complete destruction in Russia, Armenia, etc. etc. – All this was forgotten by a graduate of the Lugansk Pedagogical University with a degree in history teacher Alexander Myacheslavovich. However, according to his first education, he is a veterinarian who graduated from a technical school, and it, apparently, overpowers everything else in this person. Since the chief safety officer on Ukraine treats an accountable contingent almost like animals with a short memory.

But it seems that he is right in this. Since such a position, as it turned out, is closest to the Ukrainian national consciousness. The other day, Kiev International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) conducted a sociological study. And according to the results of his study of public opinion, it turned out that 50.5% of the population of Ukraine are confident that Ukraine will defeat Russia in the future! Believe in it from 65,4% on west countries up to 33% in the east. Only 10% believe that Russia will win. Here the range is from 8.4% in the west to 16, 9% in the east.

At the same time, with an extended wording of the question, 37.2% of respondents said that Ukraine will achieve victory over Russia, since Russia is a weak and backward power, and with Ukraine the whole civilized world. True, 31% nevertheless decided to say that Ukraine will never achieve victory over Russia, because it is much weaker politically and economically.

As for the main tasks facing the country, then, of course, 49% believe that it is necessary to develop the economy first of all, but 30% are sure that we must first win the war. Moreover, this, of course, is a much more active and boisterous part of the population, because they are “patriots”.

The victory over Russia, therefore, remains the main task of the Ukrainian state, which must be solved, according to the population. No wonder if you recall that Ilovaysky and Debaltsevsky boilers in the mass consciousness in Ukraine they have already set aside the victories of the Armed Forces of Ukraine over the “separatists and the Russian army”, and not the battles in which the Ukrainian punishers were hit in the teeth by the militia to the fullest.

And in addition, there are very few people in the country who talk about the real picture. Yes, and no one wants to listen to them.

– I don’t see any serious steps in the energy sector, as if they don’t understand that the shutdown of nuclear plants with reactors Alexandrova (RBMK-1000) – it can be a disaster. I see, begin to buy up rejections from shares of the earth. I see the president shooting a bow when the hut burns. I see that again, medical reform is imposing on us, the purpose of which is to destroy us. And the worst thing – I see that in education we have a collapse. I see that again the Nazis raised their heads, again, our nationalism is confused with Nazism, – said former Minister of Transport and Communications, MP of Ukraine of the IV convocation Yevgeny Chervonenko. – They rule us indecently, we are no longer even a forced country under the influence, but just some kind of Papuan. We rejoice in some troubles in other countries, although we need to focus on Ukraine, to understand ourselves.

Will Papuan defeat Russia? Papuans are sure of it. It’s just like in a joke: “If everything has turned around so much here, can you imagine that with Moscow become? ” Flag in hand.


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