The number of cases of coronavirus and died June 8 in Turkey is it? Last minute explanation from Fahrettin Koca


Breaking news… The first case of corona virus in Turkey disclosed on March 11 (Covidien-19) announced the latest state of the epidemic, Health Minister Fahrettin husband.

Stating that the number of cases today is 989, Minister Koca explained that 19 people lost their lives.

According to the data shared by Minister Koca, a total of 2,377,954 tests were performed. It was stated that the total number of cases was 171,121, while the number of people who lost their total lives was 4,711.

Koca used the following expressions in his statement on social media:

There is an easy mobility in the number of cases, provided that the mask and distance rule are observed. There was a serious increase in the number of patients who improved. The need for respiratory support has decreased. The number of intensive care patients is on the rise. IF THE MEASURE IS LOW, THREAT WILL INCREASE.


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