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A confusion has arisen in Brazil regarding the deaths and cases of coronary heart disease that have been recorded.

The Latin American Ministry of Health released two different data series last Sunday night.

The first report, published via the WhatsApp platform at around 20:30 (local time · 02:30 Greek time), reported 1,382 new deaths, with a total of 37,312. The new cases of infection, according to this first data package, amounted to 12,581 and the total has risen to 685,427.

The second daily report, posted two hours later on the ministry’s website, reported a lower number of deaths (525), but a much higher number of cases of infection (18,912).

When asked by the French Agency, the ministry did not specify which of the two accounts was correct.

If the latter is taken into account, then the total number of deaths is 36,455 and the confirmed cases of infection are 691,758.

The scientific community estimates that the figures provided by the Brazilian Ministry of Health are highly underestimated in relation to reality.

In any case, the Latin American giant of more than 210 million inhabitants is the country with the second highest incidence of coronavirus infection and the third heaviest death toll due to pandemics in the world.

Announcing the first report yesterday Sunday, the ministry noted that it is once again starting to publish a total data on the epidemiological situation, something that had been suspended for two days.

Brazil’s regional health services on Saturday accused the government of “making invisible” deaths due to COVID-19. The president himself Zaich Bolsonaro said via Twitter that the total numbers “do not reflect the current state of the country”.

Protests for and against Bolsonaro

On Sunday, thousands of people took to the streets in San Paulo and Brasilia to protest against and against the far-right president. Bolsonaro receives harsh criticism for the way he has handled the crisis caused by his pandemic mockery.

Thousands of people gathered in San Paulo yesterday afternoon, with placards and banners reading slogans in favor of democracy, against racism and the president’s policies. Many protesters wore black clothes and black masks, the French agency said.

Gabriela Vitoria, 18, who had never taken to the streets to protest before, said she was mobilized because “Bolsonaro is against everyone.” “He doesn’t want blacks, gays, women, he only cares about the rich. We are in the middle of a pandemic and he wants everything to be opened, without seeing the good examples of other countries, “he complained.

“We are very concerned that no measures will be taken to help the communities in the region, which have the most difficulty in complying with the restriction measures,” said Yousara Bassou, a spokeswoman for the homeless workers (MTST), who had called for the mobilization.

On Poulista Avenue, about 6km from there, about 50 people gathered, waving Brazilian flags, to express their support for Zaich Bolsonaro and demand an end to the restrictive measures imposed by local authorities to curb the spread. of the coronation pandemic.

“It simply came to our notice then. It’s time for the stores to open, “said a protester who supported the president, but declined to give her name.

Authorities demanded that the protests be organized at a distance from each other to avoid new incidents, such as last Sunday between supporters of football teams marching “against fascism” and supporters of the president protesting against the measures. restriction.

In Brasilia, several hundred protesters marched on the head of state yesterday morning.

“All for democracy,” “Against racism and fascism,” read placards and banners. “Back fascist, back off, the popular power is on the streets,” shouted those gathered.

At the same time, a smaller number of protesters supporting the president took part in another rally in the capital.

Fans of the far-right president, who is downgrading the COVID-19 pandemic, have been in the habit of protesting over the weekend, almost always in the presence of the head of state, to demand that the measures be lifted and that members of Congress succeed. against the Supreme Court.


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