Football players of the Carpathians have no symptoms of COVID-19, some of the club’s employees showed up –


Head coach of the Carpathians Roman Sanzhar commented on the situation in the club.

Roman Sanzhar, photo FC Carpathians

Roman Sanzhar, photo FC Carpathians
June 09, 2020, 15:30

Roman Sanzhar spoke about the condition of the players and employees of the club who are infected with the coronavirus.

“The players all seem to feel fine, – quotes the head coach of the Carpathians official website of the TV channel Football. – So far, the players have no symptoms. We call up, I ask – everything is fine. ”

“Among the club’s employees, there are no serious cases, as far as I know, but some began to show some symptoms. I don’t know how everyone does, because I don’t communicate with everyone, but some started.”

“Healthy guys are also quarantined, but they got individual tasks and work whenever possible.”

On the eve of the resumption of the Ukrainian championship in the Carpathians, 25 cases of coronavirus were detected.

Earlier it was reported that Mariupol and the Carpathians agreed to hold two matches of the second stage of the UPL championship in Mariupol on July 1 and 4.


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