EU: second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic – to be or not to be?


The Paris prosecutor’s office opened an investigation, its purpose is to establish the degree of responsibility of state bodies in the crisis associated with the pandemic.

Over 30 lawsuits were filed by the families of deceased doctors who found themselves without remedies, as well as associations defending the rights of physicians. Paris Prosecutor Remy Heitz said that we are talking about possible violations that fall under the articles of the French Criminal Code.

President Macron cannot be brought to trial during the term of the mandate; cabinet members fall under the jurisdiction of a special instance – the court of the Republic.

The French leader and German Chancellor made a statement the day before, asking the same questions – and the main one – about the EU’s readiness for a possible second wave of a pandemic.

Merkel and Macron call for greater coordination and pan-European solidarity.

Madrid, meanwhile, reports that wearing masks on the streets and in any public places will remain mandatory after the emergency regime expires on June 22.

The WHO clarified: the message that asymptomatic virus carriers in rare cases can infect others should be understood as the point of view of a number of scientists who conducted statistical studies.

“I said -“ very rarely. ”It seems to me that there was a misunderstanding of the meaning that I put into this phrase. We are talking only about the statistics that we operated on,” said Maria van Kerkhove, WHO Department of Counseling at COVID-19 .

Brazil with 742 thousand detected cases of infection and with almost 38 and a half thousand deaths from COVID-19 remains the second largest outbreak on the planet after the United States.

President Jair Bolsonaru insists on opening the economy, and the Supreme Court of this South American country obliges the authorities to publish full information about the dead and sick from the pandemic.

India – in sixth place in terms of the number of infected – there are over 275 thousand people.

Authorities decided to weaken isolation measures.

In response, the municipality of Delhi said that it threatens the population of the capital with a possible more than 20-fold increase in the number of cases in the coming weeks.


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