Last minute! Starts on Monday in 81 provinces! It will reveal new information about coronavirus.


Prof. Gazi University Faculty of Medicine Public Health Faculty Member and Science Committee member. Dr. Seçil Özkan made a statement regarding antibody tests that will give immunity rates in the community against coronavirus in 81 provinces. Professor Dr. Özkan stated that in several countries in Europe, antibody development studies have been carried out, “Did the society gain immunity during this epidemic?” Professor Dr. Ozkan, Health Minister Fahrettin husband in this context “will reach 150 thousand households in Turkey,” explains recalled, “Health of our staff went to households up to 153 thousand in 81 provinces, will choose the example of a person from this household. These households Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI) by random He will be asked a few questions, then take a culture from the nose, which we call the PSR test, and test whether he is sick. A little blood sample will be taken and an antibody will be looked at. This antibody will show us whether he has had a disease or not. ”


Professor Dr. Ozkan, noting that this work is necessary for Turkey, “this coronavirus process of our society, how did it go ‘,’ Did immunity was won, ” coronavirus what level is leaving immunity ‘, for our society as we will see these figures. As you know, Sweden has made this work. Percent He found a very low figure such as 7. This will provide us with new information to combat this disease. Our society should help the incoming healthcare staff, because this is a study on what precautions we should take for our health. I think it will start as Monday. The Ministry will make great efforts in this regard and will quickly collect and analyze the data in a period of 10-12 days. The test people will also be returned, whether the PSR turned out positive, how did the antibody come out? ”


On the weekend, Prof. Dr. pointed out the intensity of the streets. Dr. Özkan stressed that the outbreak continues. Professor Dr. Ozkan, “We have seen zero cases. Important in our time seeing zero cases. We did not end in the countries around us, even zero cases g and Herzegovina. You know, Iran has moved to a new second wave. Turkey can live without it. Referring to the figures in the coming days will be a new will open places or If we pay attention to the distance, mask, additional hygiene, we will not experience the second wave in the new normal period. The weekend was incredible. Picnics, social distances were exceeded, as if they were back in the past. If we do this, we can experience a second wave. it can be sad “he said.


Professor Dr. Özkan, emphasizing that there are people who do not show any symptoms in their environment, “We should act as if everyone around us was coronavirus, let’s not live the second wave. In Iran, the number of cases that have passed 2 thousand now, they have started to go to the peak of the epidemic. This will force us, maybe it will cause us to take a step back. But there will be returns to the restrictions, there are country examples. We need to be patient a little more. Let’s get some more figures. Summer, let’s circumvent these numbers slowly. We were waiting for the second wave since we expected the virus to increase in the winter months in October-November. “If we do not correct our behavior before this new normally arrives, there is a fear of encountering a new wave, it is necessary to pay attention.”


Professor Dr. Özkan, noting that the rules to be followed against the coronavirus have not been followed, said, “The incubation period of this disease passes 14 days; but if the person has got an average of 6-7 days, the symptoms begin to appear. We have been progressing in 800-900 numbers for a while. I think we do not follow the rules in the new normal period on June 1 and May 11. We couldn’t continue this descent. I’m afraid we can also get into the thousands. We will see the impact of June 1 this week. We can see the effect of the weekend at 14-15. We have to keep the distance as far as possible. This is our new normal, there are three conditions for us to return to our old life completely. Either we will vaccinate everyone who will be vaccinated, the virus will experience a positive change, we will not make us sick or we will get rid of this easy treatment. There’s time for all three of them. That’s why we’ll get used to this new normal life.

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