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Moscow. The patient is taken to an infectious diseases hospital (Photo – Sergei Chirikov, EPA)

The number of patients with coronavirus in Russia exceeded 500,000 people. This is evidenced by data published on information site Government of the Russian Federation.

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In Russia, according to official statistics, 8779 people got coronavirus per day, 174 patients died, 8367 recovered. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 502,436 people have become ill, 6142 have died, 236,714 have recovered.

Most of the cases were in Moscow, 201,221. During the day, 1,436 new cases of COVID-19 were detected there. 3138 people died from coronavirus in Moscow.

Russia includes the occupied Crimea in its statistics. According to the aggressor country, in the Crimea, there were 458 COIVD-19 cases, seven people died. In Sevastopol 178 cases, three died.

  • Despite the fact that Russia takes third place in the world in terms of the number of cases of COVID-19, it partially opens the borders, allowing it to leave the country for work, study, treatment and to care for relatives.
  • Yesterday, WHO experts called the unusual low mortality of coronavirus in Russia with a high number of cases.

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Denis Yudin


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