The number of cases of COVID-19 in the United States exceeded 2 million people :: Society :: RBC


The United States accounts for more than a quarter of all detected cases of infection in the world

The number of people with confirmed coronavirus infection in the United States has exceeded 2 million. This is evidenced by data from Johns Hopkins University.

Over 112 thousand people died from coronavirus in the USA.

An increase in the number of detected cases of coronavirus in the United States is taking place against the backdrop of mass protests that take place in the country due to the death during the detention of African-American George Floyd.

The total number of detected cases of infection in the world, according to the university, exceeded 7.3 million. The United States is in first place among countries (about 27% of the total number of cases). In second place is Brazil (about 740 thousand). Russia is in third place (493 thousand). Following are Great Britain (more than 291 thousand) and India (more than 276 thousand).

On June 8, World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Gebreyesus said that the situation with coronavirus in the world as a whole is getting worse, despite the slowdown in the spread of infection in Europe. There are more and more reports of an increase in the spread of coronavirus in South Asia, Africa, and Central Asian states.


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