The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Russian Federation exceeded 500 thousand. Video


In Russia over the past day, according to official data, 8799 new cases of coronavirus infection were detected. Since the start of the epidemic, more than half a million infections have been recorded. 174 patients died in a day. More than six and a half thousand people have died since the beginning of the epidemic.

According to Rospotrebnadzor, nearly 330 thousand laboratory tests were carried out per day. Under medical supervision are about 322 thousand people.

On the eve of the World Health Organization (WHO) said that statistics on mortality from coronavirus infection in Russia is difficult to understand. WHO believes that for such a large population in the country, the mortality rate for people with COVID-19 is extremely low.

Earlier, several media suggested that the official statistics of coronavirus deaths in Russia could be underestimated by 70 percent. Independent researchers suggest that regional authorities can manipulate data and record victims of the epidemic as dead from other causes. The authorities deny this.

At the Russian Foreign Ministry, after the articles in the Western press on the number of deaths in Moscow and St. Petersburg were published, the publications were called “groundless speculations” and “another sensational anti-Russian fake.”

What the numbers don’t say

A daily report on the dynamics of the incidence of coronavirus, which publishes Johns Hopkins University is the most comprehensive in the world. However, it relies on data provided by government agencies, as does the site

In a number of countries, there are restrictions on the publication of information about COVID-19, or there are other reasons that do not allow a complete picture. The methodology, relevance, transparency and quality of data in different countries can differ dramatically.


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