The coronavirus pandemic has left tens of millions of people on all meridians without jobs


After taking hundreds of thousands of lives around the globe, the Covid pandemic has left tens of millions of people on all meridians without their daily bread.

And this not only in places marred by fate, but also in developed countries. The British economy suffered a record collapse in April, the quarantine month. Gross Domestic Product in the Kingdom decreased by 20.4%. Worse than during any financial crisis so far.

Many people, who in March lived a life without shortages, came to ask for help, and to stand in line, in front of food banks.

They are no longer tourists as before in Trafalgar Square, in central London. But it’s not deserted there. The vast space is used to feed the homeless.

There are many more now, say charities, because the Covid pandemic has had a huge economic impact. Most of those who thicken the ranks of street people have lost their jobs. Others come from vulnerable families separated due to the relentless threat of coronavirus.

Until general isolation, Colin Reynolds lived with his elderly parents.

Phil Black, CNN: “What did they tell you?” They just asked me to leave. And I left. Because my parents are in the high-risk category, and it wouldn’t have been a good idea to stay there. So I left and came to London, because it’s easier to find support here. “

On the south coast of England, Andy Price runs a café and runs a foundation. Both were dedicated to trauma military veterans before the pandemic. He has now adopted a new cause.

Andy Price, Co-Director, The Veteran’s Hub: “Piles of Easter, lots of milk, cereal.”

He takes care of feeding the poor. Those in solitary confinement, or in quarantine. To those who lost their jobs overnight. Or who were forced to close their small businesses.

In such situations there are many locals that Price has known for a long time. People who would never have thought they would need support.

Andy Price: “You come to believe that you have failed, as a parent, as a human being. When you find yourself on the brink of extreme poverty. ”

Two spouses, Kerry and Michael Watts, are grateful for any help, but they receive it with a heavy heart.

Michael Watts: “I should earn money, support my family, but I can’t. I sit and do nothing. I sit here and wonder if the day will come when I can do what I love again. And that bothers me terribly. “

Michael Watts had a car service, but who still repairs his car when driving is forbidden everywhere. And his wife fell ill with Covid and was hospitalized for weeks. So the family lost any source of income.

Kerry Watts, husband of the man: “You keep wondering how long it will take to get to the bottom of the bag.”


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