Why the government should not help Hema and it will happen anyway


Shipbuilder IHC and airline KLM received government support during the corona crisis and there will probably be more companies on the doorstep soon. Retail chain Hema could receive special support. And if it depends on union FNV, the State nationalizes the Dutch branch of Tata Steel.

In ‘Unprecedented in peacetime’, a podcast by FD and BNR, economists Mathijs Bouman and Daan Ballegeer discuss whether these are good ideas and what the past has to teach us about them.

Listen to the episode here:

In the soap opera ‘Neighbors’ they talk further with Carsten Brzeski. ING’s chief economist in Germany explains how they deal with the corona crisis there. “You should never tell a German that his country has the same economic policy as France. But still it is going exactly that way. ”


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