COVID-19 Cured Patient Receives Million Dollar Bill In US | News from Germany about world events | DW


A 70-year-old US citizen, Michael Flor, received a bill of $ 1.12 million for treatment with COVID-19. The document occupies 181 pages and includes almost 3000 positions, writes The Seattle Times Saturday, June 13th.

A man spent 62 days in a Swedish clinic in the city Issaku a not far from seattle. His condition was critical, the night shift nurse held a telephone at his ear so that Flor could say goodbye to his family.

During the treatment, the ward in the intensive care unit cost Flora $ 9736 per day, and the artificial lung ventilation apparatus, which was required by an elderly man for 29 days, was still $ 2835 per day. Flor participates in the Medicare Senior Health Insurance Program, so he won’t have to pay a significant portion of the total, says the publication.

SARS-CoV-2 virus was found in more than 7.7 million people on the planet, and about 430,000 people died from the effects of the COVID-19 disease they caused. Most infections (over 2 million cases) and deaths (over 115,000) are in the United States.

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