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            First of all, it is solidarity with students - it justifies the decision made by the management - rector, vice-rector and dean - at Vidzeme University College to reduce their salaries by 10% from June to December. The proceeds have been invested in a student grant program, helping students who have lost their jobs during the Covid-19 crisis.            </p><div>
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                    <span class="single-player__name">At Vidzeme University College, the management reduces its salaries in order to create a grant program for students</span><span class="single-player__copyright">Gunta Matisone</span><time>00:00 / 04:19</time>


    <p style="margin-left:0cm; margin-right:0cm">This work is also an opportunity for students to gain new experience by implementing grant program projects.</p>

Nick Samauskis, who is one of the students who applied for the small grant competition, is demonstrating the already filmed material on his computer, because the task is to create an informative campaign to address potential future university students. Samauskis says that he will emphasize the role of man in the university:

“We want to make such a sharp, dynamic video, where we can show everything we have in Valmiera, both sports and entertainment. I think it’s important that you know you’re going to be cool, that you’re going to have people in front of you. It seems to me that what makes life and all things cool and interesting in general are the people. If you have the right people, you will always feel good. ”

In a way, what Nika Samauskas said is in line with the decision of the management of Vidzeme University College – to divert ten percent of his salary to give students the opportunity to work.

Rector of the University Gatis Krūmiņš emphasizes that this decision was not an order, but everyone’s own free will.

“We tested ourselves – whether we can give up something, just like people, and I think we can give up, for example, this ten percent of salary. Why we did it – because it is a concept of solidarity. I am not saying that it is charity, but it is a purposeful investment. They are several students, two groups of students work intensively, thus they will have earned money by doing things that are strategically important for the university, ”explains Gatis Krūmiņš.

The proposal to give up part of the salary was prompted by the Covid-19 crisis, because the students worked mainly in the catering or service sector and, according to Beāte Velpe, the head of the social academic department of the University Students’ Union, many people lost their jobs when they closed.

Photo: Gunta Matisone / LR

“I have girlfriends who worked as waitresses, so all the cafes were closed, then those jobs were lost. I admit that in families, too, it may be more difficult for parents at once, and then immediately the funding for the whole family decreases. Then it was that was his speech – or study? Then this grant project was such support from Vidzeme University College, which I think we all really, very much appreciate, ”emphasizes Beāte Velpe.

Linda Broka, who is still involved in the grant program, also had to lose her job in the café.

She says: “I don’t have a job in a cafe anymore, and with this project we can dedicate money to our work, and that’s a way to make money in the summer.”

The University estimates that the benefits of this grant program are several. Of course, first of all it is an opportunity for students to earn, and for the university – to get advertising material that addresses young people. But, according to Iveta Auniņa, the head of the Multimedia Laboratory, participating in the grant competition for students was also gaining experience.

“First experience in writing projects, because most of them are first-year students who have no experience at all in how to write projects, how to create an estimate. Before that, they also consulted us on how to do it, and they can also write it on their CV – not only as a video, but also as a project writing experience, ”emphasizes Iveta Auniņa.

Rector of Vidzeme University College Gatis Krūmiņš, on the other hand, repeatedly emphasizes in the conversation that the benefit is not the solution in crisis situations.

“Right now, in my opinion, it is inadequate to go to benefits rather than development.

What we were trying to show is that even if we are talking about student support, then we need to support them in employment, not just give them bare money in scholarships.

Because it is clear that the student will get used to. Maybe such an incorrect comparison, but it’s like you give a hedgehog milk and at one point do not give, then he is quite angry. So they have opportunities to work, and we offer them, ”explains Krūmiņš.

Photo: Gunta Matisone / LR

It should be added that the Rector of Vidzeme University College has also addressed her colleagues in other universities.

Krūmiņš admits: “In fact, I am a little disappointed in the sense that I invited quite a few others to join as well – other institutions, universities, politicians, but in general, our society lacks this solidarity. I am really proud of my team, that we are on the same wave.

I think from the point of view of all the staff policy of the university, that the management must set an example, well, I very much hope that the politicians will come to that one day. “

Vidzeme University College, evaluating this first grant competition, intends to continue it in the autumn.

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