Ludovic Orban, about coronavirus: “Without quarantine, Romania was Italy squared”


Ludovic Orban spoke on Realitatea Plus about the way the coronavirus epidemic in Romania was managed. The Prime Minister insisted on the special situation in our country, given that, between February 26 and June 1, no less than 1.7 million Romanians returned home from countries with a very high level of the epidemic.

“If we did not take the measure of isolation and quarantine, Romania was Italy squared, because we had over 1.7 million Romanians, between February 26 and June 1, who came from countries where the epidemic was extremely strong and for which , if we did not have the possibility to take the measure of isolation or quarantine, practically, infected people would have circulated in the society and would have spread the virus “, the prime minister declared to Realitatea Plus, quoted by Agerpres.

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Orban said he was disappointed by the reaction of the People’s Advocate in the situation of the fines granted in the state of emergency.

“It simply came to our notice then. So you have 200,000 people who have broken the law, who have been fined and you are on their side, you are not on the side of the 19 million. That is, 99% of Romania’s population, which was fair and complied with the rules, was somehow sanctioned by this decision to cancel the fines (…) This continues the line of situations of people put by PSD in various public institutions by the side of those who do not respect the law, on the part of those who violate the law and a total contempt for the majority of the population that respects the law “, specified Orban.


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