The coronavirus remains, the restrictions disappear: Romania has made the big announcement regarding youth sports


According to the official website of the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MTS), yesterday, at the MTS headquarters, a working meeting took place between the Minister of Youth and Sports, Ionuţ Stroe, and the Minister of Education and Research, Monica Anisie.The Ministry of Education and Research has established the framework for the resumption of activities in these educational units, school sports clubs, high schools and middle schools with classes with sports program. Starting with June 29, sports activities (training / participation in official competitions) can be resumed in compliance with the provisions of the Joint Order between the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Health 619/1077 of 12.06.2020.

The meeting was also attended by the representatives of the sports federations – team sports: Gheorghe Vişan, president of FR Volleyball, Alexandru Dedu, president of FR Handball and Alin Petrache, president of FR Rugby.

“I am glad that we can make this announcement, of the resumption of activities in the educational units with integrated and additional sports program, as sport has an essential role in the harmonious development of our children. There have been many discussions on this subject, but our decisions have always focused on the safety of children. Therefore, I am confident that, following this open dialogue with MTS, some important projects for young people who want to do sports will materialize, which we will announce soon, “said Monica Anisie, Minister of Education and Research.

“I want to thank the Ministry of Education and Research and the Minister, Monica Anisie, for the openness and understanding they showed us. The opening of CSS and LPS has been one of the most debated topics lately with people in the world of sports and I am glad that we have now managed to take this step as well! I am sure that my colleagues from MEC will be able to manage this situation very well, as well as they managed to organize the safe conduct of the national assessment and baccalaureate exams for hundreds of thousands of children. We wanted to have with us in today’s discussion the representatives of several national sports federations, in order to have that constructive dialogue that would offer us solutions, but also future partnerships related to school sports competitions. I rely heavily on the help of the Ministry of Education and Research and, without exaggerating, I would like to say that, in terms of relaunching grassroots sports in Romania, the Ministry of Education and Research is our main partner. Increasing the number of sports classes and the number of those who do sports, as well as the creation of attractive sports competitions, involving as many schools and students of different ages, is our bet, of the two ministries “, said Ionuţ Stroe, Minister Youth and Sports.

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