Transport Online – Corendon now points passengers to corona guidelines in Turkey


THE HAGUE – Corendon no longer tells travelers that after a holiday in Turkey they do not have to be in home quarantine if they have themselves tested for the new corona virus at the expense of the travel organization. The communication about this has been adjusted, the company has indicated in a conversation with Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure).

Turkey has an orange travel advice regarding the coronavirus, which means that all unnecessary trips are advised against. Travelers who do go, are urged to quarantine at home for two weeks after returning home. Airlines must point this out to their customers.

By offering corona testing as an alternative to quarantine, Corendon did not follow the guidelines. The minister therefore pointed out to the company “that the rules of the cabinet are leading for all airlines,” said a spokesperson.

No more testing

Indeed, Corendon’s website now states that the corona test offered by the company to travelers does not replace or supplement the recommended home quarantine. “That’s why we no longer offer the test.”

It has also been agreed with Corendon that it will be re-summarized how airlines implement the guidelines for travel to and from areas with orange travel advice. “The same applies to the minister: equal monks, equal caps, and she also informed Corendon.”

Prime Minister Mark Rutte called it Friday “unwise and irresponsible” that Corendon offers trips to Turkey, while a negative travel advice applies to that country. The company reacted in surprise to this and asked for further discussion with the cabinet.


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