Covid-19: At the moment, the responsibility lies with the society, the infectologist points out


In order to avoid tightening restrictions due to the spread of Covid-19 in Latvia, the public must now take responsibility, such an position was expressed to LETA by the infectologist of Riga East Clinical University Hospital, Professor Angelika Krūmiņa of the Department of Infectious Diseases of Riga Stradins University.

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According to the expert, as far as she knows, parties and celebrations are actively taking place in Latvia, in which the basic safety rules are not observed, which the responsible institutions and officials have asked to observe and take into account, for example, for observing the distance. “Ignoring it, we see the disease reappear,” said the infectologist.

Krūmiņa pointed out that one of the considerations to be implemented if the epidemiological situation deteriorates would be to review the restrictions on assembly, however, the expert stressed that if people are conscientious and responsible, as well as comply with the current rules, there should be no return to strengthening restrictions.

According to her, the responsibility now lies with the society. “If the public believes that the distance requirement should be only partially met, and people still want to gather, then it must be taken into account that the number of patients will increase, as well as the changes will probably affect the current restrictions,” Krūmiņa said.

As reported in the investigation of this week’s new cases of Covid-19, several of them will not have a traceable source of infection, will likely have to return to stricter restrictions next week, the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC) said on Wednesday.

Santa Līviņa, Director of the Public Health Department of the Ministry of Health (MoF), also told reporters that as the epidemiological situation in Latvia continues to deteriorate, the Ministry will review the changes in the size of gatherings planned for August.

The representative of the Ministry of Agriculture explained that at the moment she cannot name specific norms that could possibly be affected by the changes, because it all depends on how the epidemiological situation will develop in the future.


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