The World Health Organization is beginning to investigate the origin of coronavirus


An epidemiologist and a disease specialist are expected to meet with their counterparts in Beijing on Saturday and Sunday about the organization of a major international mission led by the WHO. They will talk about the logistics of future research, but also about which experts should defend it.

The mission will address the first question of whether the virus spread to the hunter from the invitation and, if so, from which, according to the AP agency, WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harrisov.

The last time the WHO sent a representative was in the burrow for coronavirus. The head of darkness, Kanaan Bruce Aylward, then said to Beijing that he had managed to gain control of the virus and how he had reported the virus. But since then, Aylward has been criticized by both American and Canadian officials, who believe he was more lenient.

At the May World Health Assembly, more than 120 stt. Called for an investigation into the origin of the infection. but insisted that the WHO mission take place and at a time when the virus would be under control in the country. In the meantime, there has been a sharp increase in countries such as the USA, Brazil and India.

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They now point to the view that the virus has a source of origin and could come from a bat. From these, he could first graze on mammals, such as civets or legumes, and then on the hunter. Last year, in connection with a group of proven cases in Wuchan, Germany, it was suspected that the virus had spread from the third trit.

But there are also other patterns of a pandemic. US President Donald Trump and US diplomacy Mike Pompeo changed that the virus originated in a Wuchan laboratory. However, as alleged by the Reuters agency, they did not substantiate their claim and possibly


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