The cases and the aerial transmission: What does Prof. Gogos say about the coronaio in Greece


In fact, the professor says he is more worried about domestic cases of COVID-19 in community and less for imported.

For this reason, he suggests intensification of measures both by him ΕΟΔΥ as well as by Civil Protection.

And while about 15 days ago Mr. Gogos in an interview again at CNN Greece, stressed that there may be outbreaks of the virus, but in no case does this signal a second “wave“, Today the professor expresses the strong worry about the course of the virus in Greece, as after the opening of tourism, it has begun to rise …

Stop at absolute relaxation

As specifically stated, the positive results Unfortunately, they are quickly overturned – especially if we are not careful and let go of absolute relaxation.

Must in each movement and our act this summer, to be strong Individual responsibility.

And it continues:

Just because we’re Greek, and we’ve done well in the past, doesn’t mean we’re lucky and we have the “bat bone”, we’re not a separate people. On the other hand, we can not close our borders forever, therefore, great care and vigilance is required. “

Elsewhere in the interview, he points out that the well-known trinity that will ensure our safety and protection does not change – that is, hand antiseptics, distances and a mask.

And he mentions the following:

“Of course the situation as it is shaped by the tourists of the Balkans worries and worries us, as do the festivals and gatherings in bars and any other kind of gathering.

However, we cannot say that we have a second “wave” of pandemic, as the spread of the virus is really low and the R0 index is still below 1, at 0.3 “.

SARS & MERS, were broadcast airtight


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