The risk of becoming infected with a coronavirus in an airplane is estimated: Events: Travel:


Some services on board an aircraft may increase the risk of coronavirus infection. This is especially true for those flights on which passengers are offered meals. This is reported by Express.

One of the passengers on the flight to Palma de Mallorca said that the passengers took off their masks immediately after take-off. On board service began, and they got rid of protective equipment to make it easier to eat and drink.

According to travel expert Simon Calder, it’s not possible to maintain social distance during a flight. “If you don’t like the idea of ​​being in close proximity to other people you don’t know, then just don’t fly anywhere,” he advised. However, the expert stressed that it was time to resume flights for work and travel.

Earlier, deputy Dmitry Svishchev suggested punishing Russians who travel to countries with dangerous epidemiological conditions. According to him, for such an “misconduct” it is necessary to fine citizens for the amount spent on their evacuation from abroad.

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