A 30-year-old American died defeated by the new coronavirus, after …


A 30-year-old American died in Texas from complications of the new coronavirus, after contracting Covid-19 disease during a “Covid party”, a night organized by someone who is infected.

“The idea (of the night) is to meet people to see if the virus is real and if anyone can get stuck,” said Jane Aplbay, of a video that aims to warn young people about the risk of transmitting the virus. the Methodist Hospital of San Antonio.

As she explained, the 30-year-old who attended the party contracted the disease with his health condition deteriorating later and needing to be treated at the Methodist Hospital. He died this week, according to the doctor.

Before he died, the patient told the nurse who was near him:

“I think I did something stupid. I thought this virus was a scam, but it’s not.”

“None of you are invincible,” warns Jane Appley, noting that many patients, aged 20 or 30, are currently being treated at her hospital for complications of Covid-19.



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