China reports eight new cases of coronavirus


Mainland China reported eight new cases of COVID-19 as of July 12th. A day earlier, seven cases were reported, reports Reuters.

The National Health Commission said that all new cases were imported, like seven a day earlier. The capital of Beijing for the seventh day in a row does not report new confirmed cases of the disease.

The commission announced six new asymptomatic patients, those who were infected with coronavirus but had no symptoms, compared to five days earlier. China does not consider such patients confirmed cases of the disease.

The total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 for mainland China is currently 83 602, the number of deaths remains unchanged – 4634.

Earlier in Beijing, they launched mass testing of residents for coronavirus after the outbreak in the Xinfadi market. Chinese epidemiologists analyzed the genome of the virus and came to the conclusion that it came to China from Europe, but is older and refers to earlier forms. The authorities of several Chinese cities, including Harbin and Dalian, urged residents not to go to Beijing, and if they had recently visited the capital, inform the authorities.

Read about the new outbreak in Kommersant’s article “The Beijing virus is not enough.”


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