Coronavirus in the Kaliningrad region was found in two children 11 and 12 years old


Photo from the Kaliningrad archive. Ru

In the region, coronavirus was detected in two children 11 and 12 years old. In total, 12 cases of infection were recorded per day. This was reported to the Kaliningrad.Ru correspondent at the regional operational headquarters for controlling the spread of infection on Monday, July 13.

Among the new infected, four do not have clinical manifestations of the disease: in one, the diagnosis was confirmed during examination after contact at work, in two – with infected relatives, and in one – during registration for a planned hospitalization.

Eight patients have symptoms. Three of them found pneumonia.

In total, in the Kaliningrad region, 2627 cases of coronavirus were registered, 1809 people were discharged from the hospital after recovery, 43 patients died. Over the entire period, over 102 thousand citizens were examined at COVID-19, while 283 remain under medical supervision.

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