Deaths reset in New York


No deaths from Covid-19 recorded for the first time in New York months

No deaths from Covid-19 have been detected for the first time since the outbreak of the outbreak of the corona virus outbreak in New York. “We will continue to do our best to fight the virus,” said the mayor spokesperson.

WALL In New York, the epicenter of the first wave of the corona virus epidemic in the US, Covid-19-induced death was not recorded for the first time in weeks. In the preliminary data announced by the authorities, it was stated that no one died due to the corona virus.

Authorities reported that five people died in the state, but the reason was not specified.

A total of 18,670 confirmed corona virus-related deaths and 4,613 possible deaths have been recorded in New York since the outbreak erupted in early March. 215 thousand 924 people were infected in the state.


“We will continue to do our best to fight the virus,” said Municipal spokesperson Avery Cohen, “We have taken action to show how in the absence of national leadership we can safely reopen our city.” The spokesperson pointed out that the cases have increased across the country, and said that it should not be “left over from the measure.”


Facing outbreak management with US President Donald Trump many times, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo likened this process to a ‘merry-go-round’ on Friday, saying that the impact of increasing cases across the country will also be felt in New York. Cuomo said, “Increased cases will be reflected here in the south and west of the country – there is a problem in California. Will come back here. This process was predictable, like a carousel. ” (EXTERNAL NEWS)


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