Detection of IgM antibodies at the beginning of the disease allows to predict the severity of the course of coronavirus in a patient – infectious disease – news on UNN


KIEV. July 13. UNN. Detection of IgM antibodies at the beginning of coronavirus disease helps to predict how difficult or easy it is for a person to carry the disease. This conclusion of Chinese scientists was commented by the Ukrainian infectious disease doctor Ihor Haiduk.

According to him, the severity of the disease is really determined by the speed and number of synthesized class M immunoglobulins.

“If the body is very strong and it instantly synthesizes enough immunoglobulins in a few hours and they neutralize the virus and the disease will either not exist at all or will be mild.

If the body – its lymphocytes are incapable, or they are not enough and they synthesize immunoglobulin M slowly or in insufficient quantities – the disease will be moderate or severe.

When the synthesis is delayed at all, the organism can die even before it has time to produce enough immunoglobulins, because the virus multiplies mercilessly, it did not come to visit, it came to eat us and to use us as a biological substrate for its offspring. explained the medic.

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Therefore, Gaiduk agrees with the conclusions of Chinese colleagues.

“It makes perfect sense if a person has a high antibody titer. Here you are – if you are vaccinated against measles – you will not get measles, you have ready-made immunoglobulins circulating, though G. So this is not a discovery, it has long been known: the speed and number of antibodies determine the severity of the disease, it can and should be done (identify them at an early stage of the disease) “, – says the infectious disease specialist and adds that” immunoglobulin M is our weapon, our protection. ”

Note that Chinese scientists, who stated the possibility of predicting the severity of the course of coronavirus in humans, say the need for early ELISA testing for the detection of antibodies to type M.

That is why they recommend the patient to conduct double testing. PCR and ELISA – together. And when the first test confirms the presence of the virus in the body. The second (ELISA), in addition to confirming the correctness of the diagnosis, also helps to predict how difficult a person can tolerate COVID-19.

We will remind, on May 21 the Ministry of Health updated standards of medical care at COVID-19, providing obligatory ELISA testing. This type of research, in addition to patients, is now mandatory for physicians who provide medical care to patients COVID-19, for laboratory staff, as well as pathology, forensic bureaus and departments.

A separate category of citizens subject to ELISA screening are employees of the National Police, the National Guard and the State Border Guard Service. Everyone else can do an ELISA test at will.

As reported in UNN, domestic ELISA tests (Diaprof-Med) were examined for compliance. As a result, the Ministry of Health received 100% coincidence of the declared characteristics.


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