Holidays abroad: New measures for coronavirus


What epidemiologists feared is slowly beginning to show. In addition to the experiences, some tourists also bring an unwanted souvenir in the form of the Covid-19 infection. “Indeed, these are really case units, specifically two cases from the south of Europe,” Aha! Said yesterday. Renata Povolná from the Ministry of Health. According to the information Aha! these are vacationers from Croatia. The Ministry of Health has already begun to respond. Serbia and Montenegro are moving into the category of red countries. Sweden remains on the list within the EU, “said on Saturday. From today, those returning from these countries must either undergo a coronavirus test or undergo a 14-day quarantine.

Veils with you
The highest daily increase in those infected on Saturday was reported by Croatia, where over a hundred thousand Czechs traveled in June and early July. In 24 hours, 140 people became infected there. Because of this, he has been introducing mandatory veils in enclosed spaces since this week. The obligation to have my mouth covered in public transport already applies. The veils were newly introduced by the Austrian federal state of Upper Austria, which borders the Czech Republic. In some cases, they are also necessary in Greece or Italy. Complications can await passengers to Greece who will travel by car through Bulgaria. The Greek government wants to prevent the spread of coronavirus by requiring a negative test on passengers. It must not be older than 72 hours.

I’d rather have a car, an epidemiologist advises
According to epidemiologist Rastislav Hungarian, people should be calm for the time being, despite the fact that some tourists have brought the disease home. “It’s not so much a country or region abroad as a condition of residence and travel,” he told Aha! Hungarian. According to him, people do not even have to worry about infections on the plane. “For this type of infection, two rows of seats around the infected person are considered risky,” he said, adding that mouth and nose protection is a matter of course on board. However, he recommended that Czechs use their own cars for holidays. “Traveling by own transport and staying in a private apartment is much less risky than traveling by international transport and staying in a hotel with clients from different countries.”


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