In the Voronezh region, another 58 people recovered from COVID-19


For the first time in the last 10 days, the regional operation headquarters reported that in the Voronezh region there are no new victims of COVID-19 per day. But the number of convalesces continues to grow – on Monday, July 13, there were 58 more of them. Now the total number of people cured in the region is 8,063.

The number of new cases is also growing – over the past day, the diagnosis was confirmed in 119 people. Since the start of the pandemic in the Voronezh region, 9,399 people have already been infected.

In the Voronezh region, victims of COVID-19 were reported daily on July 4. Moreover, almost always these are not isolated cases, but on July 9 an anti-record was set at all – then it became known immediately about the seven dead.


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