Rogozin about a new ship for deep space


The head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin talked on the air of Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda with columnist for education and science Alexander Milkus and spoke about the latest spacecraft Orel, how it will differ from all the existing ones and when it will be built.

As the head of Roskosmos noted, modern American ships are “more glamorous” analogues of our “Union”. In turn, the Eagle is a fundamentally new ship for operating in distant orbits.

“The promising manned transport ship“ Oryol ”is a ship much more powerful, protected and provided with all the functions for operating in distant orbits,” Rogozin says. – That is, outside the outer space.

This is a ship that can return to the Earth’s atmosphere at second cosmic speed, extinguish it, enter these dense layers of the atmosphere without the risk of being roasted, burned in this atmosphere. This is a different class, this is a top class ship. ”

At the same time, the ship will implement unprecedented security systems.

“The property of the Eagle ship is that in the event of an emergency rescue system being triggered, it does not immediately try to land in a safe place, opening the parachute and saving the crew. The “Eagle” system of salvation will be different, – said the head of “Roskosmos” “He will have a sufficient supply of fuel and powerful engines to ensure that this ship is brought to its calculated orbit, and then its landing at the calculated point.” A completely different philosophy. This is the first.

If something abnormal happens suddenly and the ship is forced to board the ocean, it will be provided with the necessary autonomy in order to survive until the approach of the rescue ships.

Naturally, at the time of launching this kind of ship, we will ensure that on duty two or three ships are fast enough with the necessary crane equipment to pick up not only the crew, but also load the ship itself. This is all thought out in detail by specialists. ”

Work on the “Eagle” is already underway, and it is going as planned.

“Of course, the work on it is very tight, tough and we are not in a hurry, but are doing it as planned. 2023 – there will be a carrier, there will be a ship, ”Rogozin specified, adding that the first non-crew launch is planned for 2023, and the launch with the crew will take place in 2025.

Recall also Rogozin reportedthat Russia will cooperate with China on the lunar program.


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