A resident of Kiev built a summer house with a garden on the roof of a high-rise building


A Kievite named Pyotr Alekseevich (he hides his last name from journalists) a few years ago built himself a small house right on the roof of a 12-story apartment building on Lavrukhin Street in the Troeschina housing estate.

The house is made of plywood, and around it are small flower beds, mini garden dining table and other “amenities”. As the journalists found out, in the house, Pyotr Alekseevich, nicknamed by local residents Carlson, does not live permanently, but uses it as a summer residence.

Residents of high-rise buildings are not against such a neighborhood. Even before the start of construction, Pyotr Alekseevich and his wife went around all the tenants and took a written building permit from them. In addition, the man does not use general electricity, sewage and water supply, he left free access to the roof and at his own expense repaired it before construction. The spouses live there quietly and do not bother anyone, they do not drive guests. And therefore, some new residents of the house did not even suspect such a neighbor until recently.

However, the city authorities do not like the cottage on the roof. The construction is considered illegal, but because the “Kiev Carlson” was fined twice already, but he does not lose hope though legalize your home.

Ekaterina Gura


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