British government makes mouth masks mandatory in shops


British government makes mouth masks mandatory in shops

People in England are required to wear a facemask in supermarkets and other shops from July 24 to limit the risk of a new wave of the corona virus. The British government said on Monday, Reuters reports.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office announced the measure after days of confusion over the policy. Minister Michael Gove said on Sunday that wearing mouth masks would be left to the common sense of people.

In Scotland, which has its own public health policy, wearing face covering in stores is already mandatory. Other European countries, including Germany, Spain, Italy and Greece, have also prescribed it. In the United Kingdom, mouth masks are already mandatory on public transport. Violators can be fined up to £ 100 (about 110 euros). According to the opposition, the government has waited too long to take the step.

The last news

In this blog NRC keeps up with the latest developments regarding the outbreak of the coronavirus. Monday’s main news was:

  • WHO warned that in many countries “going the wrong way ”. “The virus remains the number one enemy,” said WHO director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.
  • HEMA probably has to of the EUR 11.4 million in NOW support received, repay 6 million. Turnover was higher than expected because Dutch stores were allowed to remain open and online sales rose sharply.
  • Operators of beach bars don’t have to run down their businesses this year in the winter. This as a helping hand during the corona crisis.
  • The Dutch Healthcare Institute advises the cabinet that former Covid-19 patients who still experience serious health complaints as a result of the lung disease and who are rehabilitating as a result, will receive their recovery care fully reimbursed.

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