Coronavirus – China: 3 new cases in 24 hours, all imported – World


A total of three confirmed cases of coronavirus infection were detected as of midnight Monday in mainland China, the Chinese Ministry of Health said, adding that all three were detected in Shanghai and were “imported”, according to terminology used when travelers arriving in Chinese territory from abroad.

Of the 1,982 cases of this kind, 1,867 have been discharged from hospitals and 85 continue to be treated, with two people in critical condition, according to the same source. To date, no patient death has been reported among the so-called imported cases.

In the capital, Beijing, no cases of coronavirus infection were detected for the eighth consecutive day, the ministry said.

The Chinese Ministry of Health also spoke about the identification of five asymptomatic carriers of the coronavirus, out of the previous six. China does not include asymptomatic carriers in the confirmed cases it announces.

A total of 26 people were discharged from Chinese hospitals yesterday, after being judged to have fully recovered. 297 patients continue to be treated, all three in critical condition.

Officially, the coronavirus pandemic in the country where it started at the end of December amounts to 4,634 deaths out of a total of 83,605 people infected.


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