Coronavirus: Mask in the open and closed space was repeated by the experts in the government


As revealed from noon, infectious disease specialists insist on using the mask everywhere

After a long teleconference about the coronavirus experts of the Committee of Experts of the Ministry of Health reiterate to the government their original position that the mask is a key tool of protection for citizens. At their new meeting at noon, the 25 experts decided to repeat their original positions in government officials, who state that where there is congestion indoors and outdoors, citizens should wear a mask. something that revealed from noon on Tuesday (14.7).

After all, the experts of the committee never changed their position on the issue since their opinion for a long time was to observe the protection measures and to use a mask. It should be noted that scientists simply give opinions while the final decisions are made by the government. However, after the increased cases that have been observed lately and the relaxation of the Greeks, they again draw the attention of the population.

During the meeting the members of the committee decided to emphasize once again the need for general use of a mask and especially where there is overcrowding.

As he states at the professor of microbiology and member of the Committee Alkiviadis Vatopoulos: “Although the basic measure is to keep a distance, the mask is a basic protection tool. That is why the opinion of the committee that has not changed is that the mask should be used indoors and outdoors when there is a crowd or it is predicted that there will be a crowd. “Whether we are talking about closed or open spaces.”


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