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Coronavirus germs: Now they run and do not reach

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“Arrows” against the government regarding the measures it took for “the coronavirus in the second phase”, the President of KINAL unleashes.

The President of the Movement for Change, Fofi Gennimata, has issued a statement against the government regarding the measures it has taken for “the colonist in the second phase”.
Specifically, Ms. Gennimata during her visit to Drama on Monday, stated the following:
“I had pointed out the danger from the relaxation signal sent by the government in relation to the coronavirus in the second phase. Now they run and do not reach. The responsibilities of the government and for the poor preparation for tourism are also great.
The government’s insufficient and delayed measures do not address the problems of the crisis. Employees, businesses, farmers, citizens are being tested.
Now before it’s too late, they have to change course. Our proposals are valid and offer solutions. ”
Fofi Gennimata - Drama


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