Internationally wanted two criminals extradited from Ukraine to Hungary


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                    <small>Interpol wanted Hungarian and Moldavian </small>
                    <small>Police of Transcarpathian region</small>
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From Ukraine to Hungary, police extradited two criminals who were put on the international wanted list. It is reported press office Transcarpathian region police on Facebook.

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“The 39-year-old Moldovan citizen, along with the 49-year-old Hungarian, was extradited to Hungary on July 13,” the report said.

Hungar detained investigators of the Criminal Investigation Department, the sector of international police cooperation, together with the police, on June 10 in the city of Beregovo. is he He was on the international wanted list for a series of crimes and was hiding in the territory of Transcarpathia.

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The second foreigner was detained by police in the Chernivtsi region. is he hiding to avoid responsibility for theft.

The transfer was carried out by servicemen of the National Guard of Ukraine together with employees of the International Police Cooperation and Power Support sector of the special police company at the Tisa checkpoint in Transcarpathia.

Recall in May Security Service of Ukraine escorted and handed over to Georgian law enforcement authorities one of the leaders of the Islamic State terrorist organization that fought in Syria.

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