New cases bring new measures in Greece, a total recovery for the coronavirus


There are many scientists who ask more strictly meters for the coronavirus and in fact soon, while a study shows that in the sewage of Thessaloniki the coronavirus are in quarantine levels.

At the same time, the government may emphasize the responsibility of the citizens – which clearly exists – for the observance of the measures, but at the same time many measures have been abolished or relaxed, such as the use of masks in shopping malls, which was abolished. mask has faded.

At the same time, scientists, such as Ath. Linou, demand a more general application of the mask measure.

At the same time, flights from countries with many cases open, such as Great Britain, while the USA enters the table to “save” everything it can in tourism.

The country may have announced just 24 new cases yesterday – a smaller number than in previous days – but the outbreaks of the disease remain active in many parts of Greece.

Nevertheless, the concern in our country in recent days is obvious, with infectious disease specialists meeting today to decide on new measures and the World Health Organization to warn that the pandemic is likely to get worse.

At the same time, the forecasts of a new study on the course of the epidemic in our country are ominous, intensifying the concern for a new wave of SARS-CoV-2 in the middle of the tourist season. In fact, according to the same results, we are only two weeks away from the resurgence of cases – it is determined in late July and extends in August.

It is important to note that Professor Demosthenes Sarigiannis of the Laboratory of Environmental Engineering of the Department of Chemical Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the HERACLES team for Exhibition and Human Health of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Innovation (KEDEK) in Pisa, Italy, who developed a computational tool for managing public health risk have taken into account important parameters such as temperature, UV radiation and the restart of the tourism industry.

And they concluded that “to have the number of cases recorded in the last week, this corresponds to about 55 asymptomatic carriers entering the country (tourists and natives returning) per day. This leads to a resurgence from the end of July until the 15th of August “.

In fact, the authors of the study warn that despite the reduction in transmissibility due to the summer season and the effect of temperature, ultraviolet radiation and humidity, the entry of the same number of asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic carriers “could contribute to areas of greater tourist interest, which could translate into a significant increase in cases locally “.

The assistant professor of hygiene and epidemiology of the EKPA medical school, Gikas Majorkinis, also spoke about the second wave, emphasizing that the “orphan” cases are a prelude to a second wave.

Asked about a possible second wave of pandemics, Mr. Majorkinis stressed that orphan cases are a first sign of a new wave. “Mobility, with an increased number of orphaned cases, is a possible prelude to a second wave.”

In the main news bulletin of MEGA, Charalambos Gogos, professor of infectious diseases and pathology at the University of Patras, spoke about the increased cases of coronavirus in our country.

Mr. Gogos stated that we have a new outbreak of the virus, with different characteristics from the first one.

“We have a steady increase in cases coming from two gateways. One gate is the outside and the other is the dispersal in the community. ”

Shots for festivals and flights

The government has decided to ban festivals until the end of July, while at the same time deciding to “open” flights from Britain, Sweden and possibly the US until the end of the month, countries where there is an unprecedented outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. .

Shots fired at the government by the official opposition, stressing that Maximou, while “delaying calls for a ban on festivals … at the same time opens flights from countries facing a high spread of the virus.”

“While the government is asking for a ban on the festivals due to the increase in coronavirus cases, at the same time it is opening flights from countries facing a high spread of the virus, without pushing for tests before arriving at Greek airports,” SYRIZA said. its announcement, recalling the “successive regressions in tourism, without a single without a single epidemiological control criteria regardless of” gateway “and country

“The storm in the skull in SYRIZA continues,” government circles say, commenting on SYRIZA’s announcement.

“SYRIZA initially denounced the government for opening the schools. Then, because it was very strict with the crowds in the squares. “Mr. Tsipras on his excursions to various tourist areas is protesting because the government puts a lot of restrictions on the entry of tourists”, the same circles point out. “This week they are” complaining “because we are careful at the land border, but we are opening more direct flights with security measures”, they add, while concluding that “the storm in the skull in SYRIZA continues”.

Nikos Sypsas: New measures if …

Infectious Diseases Professor Nikos Sypsas spoke to Open’s main news bulletin and warned that new measures would be taken if current public behavior continued.

“There is a significant risk of having a second wave of the pandemic because unfortunately there has been a spread of the virus in the community. Orphan cases in our major urban centers indicate that the virus is spreading. Therefore, if no measures are taken and especially, if there is relaxation from the public, unfortunately we will face this danger in the summer as well “, said Mr. Sypsas.

Regarding the relaxation already observed by a large part of society and whether the ban on festivals and the intensification of controls are measures, “the professor noted that” today’s measures have a symbolism, as we want to ring a strong bell to the citizens. , that things are not well epidemiological and we are taking these first steps. We will not receive any more on the condition that the behavior of the public will change “.

Mr. Sypsas warned that “if the behavior of the public in bars and other public places is what is observed now, unfortunately there will be new measures. “These could be the further closure of bars and shops in the restaurant or anywhere else there may be overburdening.”

Regarding the cases that concern him the most, Mr. Sypsas stressed that the situation on the northern borders of the country is not good at all.

“There is a general spread of the epidemic in the Balkans and we now have hundreds of incoming cases. Therefore, we are very concerned about this situation and additional measures are already being taken at the northern border, which we are monitoring daily. If the measures do not work out as we would like, there is no doubt that at some point the northern borders will be completely closed. We hope this does not have to happen. ”

Asked how he explains that just twenty-four hours ago, and while the situation is so dangerous, the obligation for people to wear masks in shopping malls was abolished while the number of people per table increased, the professor said:

“There is no contradiction, in the sense that the mask in large malls remains mandatory for staff, while it is a recommendation for citizens. The mask should not make us forget that the main measure to avoid the epidemic is distance. Wearing a mask and approaching others does not help much. “We want to help citizens realize the distance they need to keep between them.”

Alarm in Lefkada

A family of five from Serbia vacationing in Lefkada tested positive for the coronavirus.

The first to be tested positive for the virus was the father who was taken to the quarantine hotel in Lefkada.

From the sampling that followed, his wife was initially found positive, while in the last few hours it was confirmed that all three of their children are positive.

Due to the high fever they presented, all five were transferred to the Infectious Diseases Unit of the University Hospital, which has once again been put on high alert.

It is reminded that earlier EODY announced 24 new cases of the new virus in our country. Seven of them are imported.

The announcement of the Region

In the afternoon, the Civil Protection of the Epirus Region confirmed the transfer of the Serbs to the University Hospital of Ioannina.

The official information states: “A family of five from Serbia who were on holiday in Lefkada tested positive for the coronavirus. Today the family was admitted to the University Hospital of Ioannina, with the parents admitted to the Special Unit for Covid-19.

Their three minor children, who present with mild symptoms, are hosted in the Pediatric Clinic of the University Hospital “.


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