Nikos Sypsas: Significant risk for a second wave of jokes


The professor of Infectious Diseases, through Open, warned that if the current behavior of the public continues there will be new measures

For the alarm that has been created on health authorities from its increase coronavirus and further meters examined spoke in his main news bulletin OPEN, the professor of infectious diseases Nikos Sypsas.

“There is a significant risk of having one second wave of the pandemic because unfortunately it has existed spread of the virus in the community. Orphan cases in our major urban centers indicate that the virus is spreading. Therefore, if no measures are taken and especially, if there is relaxation from the public, unfortunately we will face this danger in the summer as well “, stressed Mr. Sypsas.

About the relaxation that is already observed by a large part of society and whether they reach as measures the prohibition of festivals and the intensification of controls, The professor of infectious diseases noted that “today’s measures have a symbolism, as we want to ring a strong bell to the citizens, that things they are not well epidemiologically and we take these first steps. We will not receive any more on the condition that the behavior of the public will change “.


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In addition, the Nikos Sypsas warned that “if public behavior in bars and other public places is what it is now, unfortunately there will be new measures. These can be the further closure of bars and shops in the restaurant or anywhere elsewhere there may be over-transmission».

Concerning the cases who are most concerned about him, Mr. Sypsas stressed that “the situation on the northern borders of the country is not good at all. There is a general spread of the epidemic in the Balkans and we now have hundreds of incoming cases. Therefore, we are very concerned about this situation and additional measures are already being taken at the northern border, which we are monitoring daily. If the measures do not work as we want, have no doubt that at some point the northern borders will be completely closed. We hope this does not have to happen.

Furthermore, when asked how he explains that a few hours ago and while the situation is so dangerous, the obligation for people to wear a mask was abolished in shopping malls and the number of people per table increased, the professor reported. “There is no contradiction, in the sense that the mask in the big malls remains mandatory for the staff and is also a recommendation for the citizens. The mask must not make us forget that the main measure to prevent the epidemic is to distance. Wearing a mask and approaching others does not help much. “We want to help citizens realize the distance they need to keep between them.”


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