ONLINE: Brazil reports fewer new coronavirus infections


04:43Brazil records 733 new deaths related to covid-19 and 20,286 other confirmed infections. The number of deaths is about a hundred higher than on Sunday, but the number of new patients has decreased. The previous day, Brazilian authorities had reported 631 deaths and over 24,800 new cases. The country has registered nearly 1.9 million people infected since the epidemic began, of whom 72,833 died.

04:30 – The Brazilian president also confirmed a positive test for coronavirus last week Jair Bolsonaro, which has repeatedly downplayed the severity of the epidemic in the past. The president said he felt “very well” and would work again if the test passed negative on Tuesday, but before he got rid of the virus completely, he would continue to isolate himself. .

04.15 – V USA again, almost 60,000 coronavirus infections increased. Compared to Sunday, this is a slight decrease. The United States has recorded 3.36 million infections since the epidemic began. New outbreaks are emerging in the south and west of the US $ 328 million. California Governor Gavin Newsom on Monday ordered the closure of all bars, restaurant interiors and shopping centers in recent weeks due to the rapid spread of coronavirus infection.


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