Peskov commented on the petition of millionaires to increase wealth taxes


“In Russia already [реализуется]», – said Peskov TASS, answering the question of how the Kremlin relates to this idea.

Earlier, a petition appeared on the Millionaires for Humanity website, in which more than 80 millionaires from the United States, Great Britain, Germany, New Zealand, Canada and the Netherlands called for raising taxes on wealth so that the richest people in the world can help overcome the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

Among the signatories to the millionaires are Walt Disney’s heiress, director Abigail Disney, British screenwriter and film director Richard Curtis, founder of Ben & Jerry’s confectionery company Jerry Greenfield and others.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in an appeal to the Russians on June 23, proposed starting January 1, 2021 to increase personal income tax for citizens with incomes of more than 5 million rubles per year from 13% to 15%. The head of state noted that only that amount that exceeds 5 million rubles will be taxed. This measure will give the budget about 60 billion rubles, which will be targeted for the treatment of seriously ill children.

Also in Russia for several years now the so-called luxury tax has been in effect – increased rates of the transport tax in relation to expensive cars.


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