Scientists called the most unpleasant gift


In a new study, scientists found that the worst thing about people is the gifts they were given with the words that this thing would save them money. At the same time, gifts that the donor called “time-saving” are regarded as pleasant.

“Most of us hope that the gift we present will be appreciated. But the way it is presented affects a person’s attitude to the present, ”said Grant Donnelly, co-author of a study from Ohio State University, published in Journal of the Association for Consumer Research.

“When you do not have time, you are perceived as a busy and in high demand person. There is something desirable, compared with a lack of money, which is associated with low status, ”he added.

Scientists base their conclusions on a survey of 405 people on the Web and another 200 students in a real experiment. They were asked to evaluate the impression of gifts received with these formulations.

Gifts received “to save money”, most participants caused a feeling of embarrassment or shame. In their opinion, the givers of such gifts perceived their status as higher in comparison with the status of the recipient.

“They thought: the donor is hinting that they cannot take care of themselves or are incompetent, because they need money,” Donnelly said.

The scientist advised giving gifts “for saving” with a different wording or tying them to the opportunity to save time.


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