Teachers of the Suvorov School were ordered to take a COVID-19 test every week. At your own expense, money – at the cash desk of your own laboratory – Incidents – St. Petersburg News


In the St. Petersburg Suvorov Military School, they increased anti-coronavirus protection and sent teachers for total testing. Prove your safety weekly and for now at your own expense.

On 13 July, innovations at the Suvorov School “Fontanka” were reported in a letter to which a memo was attached for those who were taking a vacation. Employees, on behalf of the head of the training department, Sergei Shcherbakov, are informed that they expect exclusively healthy people to return to work and will not take a word.

“Help stop the mayhem!” The issue price is about 10 thousand. Why should we pay and prove something to the employer? ” – they call in the letter, adding that the refusal is allegedly fraught with repression.

For the purposes of non-proliferation and early detection of infection, all those who are rested are ordered to obtain inquiries from a five-point list. Mandatory tests for COVID-19, for antibodies and a clinical blood test (from a finger or from a vein). It is recommended to check the level of vitamin D metabolite, CRP, ALT and AST enzymes, as well as glucose and cholesterol, which can detect, for example, diabetes mellitus. In addition, those who have passed the term of fluorography, it is necessary to do an x-ray or computed tomography of the chest.

The results should be a maximum of three days of freshness. Employees have to get money for unexpected expenses from their own pockets.

As noted in the memo, in the school you can (and recommended) check for cove. An agreement with a medical institution has been concluded, but it does not guarantee free maintenance – they will take 800 rubles per test. Re-checking, according to the warning, is required weekly until the situation with coronavirus normalizes.

The remaining tests are one-time, they are sent to private medical centers. Analysis for antibodies, for example, in St. Petersburg can be done in the range from a thousand to 2,100 rubles. If you do not save at all, then for 4 600 a doctor will come to your house. CT is offered free of charge by compulsory medical insurance if there is a doctor’s prescription. Otherwise, they ask for 5, and in some clinics, 7 thousand.

Familiar with the situation in the Suvorov School confirm: teachers return to work through medical centers in a voluntary-compulsory manner under pain of disciplinary action and loss of bonuses. The authorities promise to compensate for the expenses, but they did not specify how long they would have to wait for the funds and at the same time pay further for the weekly studies.

Phones of the leadership of the Suvorov School on Monday were unrequited. “So they are all on the road.” We have a pandemic, exams have been removed from the Suvorovites, ”the duty officer said about employment, noting that the information about the examination of teachers is“ competent, but not authorized to discuss or comment ”. Fontanka requested a comment from the Ministry of Defense.


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