The Minister of Health of Yakutia explained why tests on COVID-19 began to take less


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        <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"><img alt="" src=""/></a><p>During the day, 60 new cases of coronavirus infection were detected in the republic. 

“The situation is basically stabilizing. There are 60 new cases per day: five in Mirny and Neryungri, two in Khangalassky. The tense situation remains in Yakutsk – 31 new cases – and in the Aldan region (addition from the staff: in Aldan district 17 new cases of infection). One death has been registered, ”the Minister of Health of the Republic, Elena Borisova, said on July 14.

The Minister answered the question about the collection of tests. According to her, there is no need to do tests on the first day.

“Our methodology has changed since May. Today, having gained clinical experience and practical knowledge, we no longer strive to take tests from each patient on the first day. We do tests for 8-10 days, which gives a more informative picture. And if there is a clear covid clinic, which we already clearly know and determine, we have the right not to take analyzes at all. Therefore, I propose that the population remain calm, engage in self-isolation, notify a clinic or an ambulance in case of malaise. If necessary, tests will be taken, ”the head of the republican Ministry of Health explained.

The total number of patients with coronavirus in Yakutia is 4904.



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